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We have AIR MATTRESSES in all sizes!   On SALE Now! Starting at $649.00 Call before you buy to compare!

Your Source for Adjustable Beds and Lift Chairs Since 1949!

With Niagara, you can select the mattress that best suits your needs.  We have a wide variety to choose from.  We offer pressure-relieving memory foam, latex, coil, hybrid and air mattresses.  Our newest additions are our hybrid mattresses in memory foam or latex.  The foam is infused with copper flecks.  This helps keep the mattress cooler and offers relief of pain in some .  Call us today for more information  !  1-800-541-0452

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Visit us today to try out new Copper infused hybrid mattress

Adjustable Beds


At Niagara Therapy, we are very proud of our 7 decades serving people like you.  We pride ourselves on being skilled in helping someone find the best sleep solution for themselves or a loved one.

It is proven that a good night's sleep is critical for health and well being.  A good night's sleep can relieve stress, help chronic pain and a number of other ailments.  Adjustable beds are frequently used to treat sleep apnea.


We have most beds offered on the market today, and we can work with any budget.

Niagara Therapy has proudly worked with numerous sleep clinics across the country.

Why not make a phone call and see what we can do for you today?


Treat your special someone to a great sleep for the gift that keeps on giving!

CALL NOW!  260-373-2056

Custom sizes available!                          260-373-2056
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