Niagara Therapy has been the leading expert in adjustable beds since 1949.  With nearly seven decades of experience, the Sleep Experts at Niagara Therapy have an understanding of sleep products that other companies just don't have.


Niagara Therapy's Heavenly Sleep System--a system of carefully placed massage motors designed to help with circulation--is used in sleep clinics around the country.  

Call 1-800-541-0452 for details.

Niagara Therapy's Heavenly Sleep System

Our signature bed is designed with your needs in mind.  Our massage motors have been medically researched and may provide you with many benefits.  They are strategically placed and can help with circulation, swelling, chronic pain, sleep apnea, gerd and many other ailments.  They're used in sleep centers across the Midwest.  Call today for more information!  1-800-541-0452

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