Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Heavenly Sleep System different from other adjustable beds?

Our Heavenly Sleep System is based on years of research.  The massage motors have been medically proven to 

help stimulate blood flow.  They can also soothe and diminish pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and edema.

We have moved our massage motors to  specific locations to aid with the increase in blood flow.  There is no other adjustable  bed made today with this motor configuration.  Our motors have three directional massage, balanced perfectly to aid in your comfort.  All other motors in the marketplace are small buzzer-like motors.

How do I find one?

Simply call our main office 1-800-541-0452, or visit our new store.  Our representatives have decades of experience and are well versed in finding the right bed solutions for your individual needs.

What is your Hybrid Copper mattress?

Our newest mattresses are combinations of pocketed coil with either gel memory foam infused with copper flecks or latex foam also infused with the copper flecks.  The copper helps keep the mattress cooler and has also been known to help with pain relief.  The mattresses can be used on our Heavenly Sleep System or on a box spring.  They can also be ordered to replace your current mattress on your existing base.  These mattresses can be compressed and shipped directly to your home via UPS.

Where are the mattresses made?

Our mattresses are made in the United States.


Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes.  Call us with your dimensions and we'll give you available options.

Do you do service on existing products?

Absolutely!  Our service manager has been servicing products for customer's since 1975.  We feel he is the best around.  If you are out of our service range, we will do our best to find you competent help.  We can also help with service on other products. Please call 1-800-541-0452 to see if we can help.

Do you have other products?

Yes!  We have several other mattresses.  We offer lift chairs to fit any size and deep muscle massage chairs for  more intense therapy.  If you are interested in a different adjustable bed, call us and we'll get you a quote.  We can beat most prices. 1-800-541-0452.

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